Five Websites to Share Your Blog Posts to Increase Organic Traffic (Guest Post)

04 / October 2018,

Five Websites to Share Your Blog Posts to Increase Organic Traffic (Guest Post)

Getting people to click and go to your website or blog seems like a simple yet difficult task, right?

To be honest, when I was first starting out as a content marketer, I had absolutley no idea how to do this. It felt like I was asked to make magic from scratch.

When you are part of a startup, there’s limited budget and most of your resources are allocated for development – which is as a good thing because why will you market an undeveloped product. It’s like you’re asking people to hate you right away.

You need to make the most out of everything. While your developers are improving your website or app, you can start raising brand awareness and increasing site traffic.

But how?

Write helpful and interesting content about your product and how it can help your target market.

Traffic doesn’t come magically. You have to work for it. Even with a tight budget, you can drive traffic without paying for ads or boosting content on Facebook.

If you want to increase traffic to your blog posts – organically – don’t forget to share on these five websites.

5 Social Sites That Can Increase Your Blog Traffic


Say what you want to say about Google+ but this social site can give you traffic

What You Should Do:

Join Communities specifically the ones where you think your target audience are. Don’t just share, be active, Engage with other members.


I’ll never get tired of saying this: I really love Pinterest, personally and professionally. I get to see a lot of helpful ideas – and yes, pretty outfits – and it’s also a good source of traffic.

What You Should Do:

Join other group boards where you can share your pin or blog posts. Do note that you share to a Pinterest group board that is related to your pin, or else you’re just spamming.

Search engines can locate your Pinterest page and boards so make sure to use keywords when:

  • Naming your pin image
  • Writing your pin description
  • Writing your board description
  • When naming your board

Increasing your followers can also help. The more people following you, the more impressions or views you get.


For this helpful social site, you really have to be careful. You don’t want to be that person who just comments a URL then leaves without saying anything else.

What You Should Do:

Search for a question that is related to your blog post or you think the answer to his or her question is found in your blog post.

Build yourself as an expert of that topic – if you really are or want to be.


You have to be extra careful when sharing your blog posts here. Reddit can detect spammers.

I remember one time I shared this blog post and then I got negative karma. I had to create a new account and this time I played it smart.

What I did was, I shared to a reddit which has a topic that I really like. I didn’t share any link, just a funny picture. And, I got 800+ karma points.

After getting karma points, I finally shared a blog post. So if you don’t have a Reddit account yet and you want to share a blog post, don’t share it right away.

What You Should Do:

  1. Earn some karma points first and be active.
  2. Upvote and join subreddits that you want to be part of.
  3. Share your content to related subreddits only and respect the etiquette rules of each subreddit.

If it’s your first time to hear about this site, I’m glad you first knew it from me. This one is very unique. It’s like Pinterest and Google+ combined. Well, that’s how I describe it.

It’s like Pinterest because you put all the same subjects you’re interested in one Topic (or board, Pinterest-ally speaking) and it’s like Google+ because it’s also kind of underrated and more on connecting with other people whom you share the same interests with.

What You Should Do:

1. The key to getting your blog post shared here is to search first for a Topic where you think the owner of the Topic will find your content helpful. So your blog post may or may not be shared unless the owner accepts your suggestion (aka your blog post).

2. If you’re just using the free version, you only get to suggest your content 5x a day or, you know, share your blog post to 5 different Topics per day. If you want to do more than that or you fell in love with the site, you will have to upgrade.

One Last – Yet Very Important – Thing 

I may have shared with you how to get organic blog traffic on these sites BUT all these (the clicks, the attention from people, the traffic you’ll get) depend on your blog posts, they should be written well, extremely helpful, and visually interesting.  

I’s important that you invest in people who write excellently well. They are the foundation of your content marketing, brand awareness, and mostly everything actually because they are the ones who communicate with your audience.

Author Bio:
Belle Balace is the Marketing Manager at, an Ai-Powered logo design generator.