Five Keys To Internet Marketing

27 / January 2016,

Five Keys To Internet Marketing

Five Keys to Internet Marketing

Every business owner wants to develop and improve their internet marketing. This makes sense. Most of your potential customers are online, and look through online searches to decide where to go for the products and services they need. Word of mouth still matters, but developing an online presence is a critical element to gaining new customers.

But how do you go about doing this? Much of the secret to internet marketing remains in preparation you do offline, the traditional work of understanding your space in the market and how to identify your company to people. Still, there are specific aspects of marketing online that you will always want to keep in mind if you want to reach the highest levels of success.


1. Understand Your Audience

Before you work on a marketing campaign, whether online or on billboards, you need to know the people you are trying to bring in. This starts with understanding your business and what you provide. Who would best benefit from what you have to offer? The answer to this question should help you decide how to design and implement all aspects of your marketing approach.


2. An Integrated Marketing Plan

Internet marketing is not a separate entity from the rest of your marketing efforts. Once you have determined who represents your target audience, every element of your marketing campaign—print, television, and internet—should focus first on how to reach and motivate the members of that audience to go to you to purchase your products and services. You should work to ensure that any television work you do does not undermine your internet or point of sale advertising. The message and imagery you use must be consistent over all forms of media.
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3. Build a Great Website

You have your marketing approach and your target audience. You are now ready to build an appealing website. This starts with design, with determining what colors and page layout best reflect the messaging you have elected for your company. You want the look and feel to be something that fits you, but also to be easy for others to read and navigate. It is all too easy to fall in love with a website design that looks exciting and fancy, but fails the basic usability test.

In other words, your website should not only look good, but be easy to navigate. You also need active, engaging content to start off with. Working with 1st in SEO to create interesting, SEO-based copy is a good way to ensure the content you have for your site is not only interesting to the readers you want to attract, but also strong enough from an SEO perspective to rank the site in key searches that your target audience will use when searching for companies like yours.


4. Update Your Great Website

In addition to creating great content for the launch of your website, you need to find new ways over time to continue adding content. Internet marketing doesn’t stop in a single, static moment in time. Your audience changes frequently, and so do the search engine algorithms through which searches filter sites to find results. Sites that regularly add content rank higher in those searches over time.

Beyond chasing site rankings, you can benefit from the human side. A business succeeds not only by finding new customers, but by retaining current customers. When you constantly add new, interesting content to your website, you keep the people you bring in with your internet marketing campaign coming back for more. A repeat customer costs far less in marketing dollars than bringing in a new one. Do what you can to keep them coming for more.

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5. Engage Your Audience

One way to keep those return customers is to engage them. Your internet marketing campaign can do this directly, through both social media and active response opportunities on your website. Link to a Facebook page, let customers follow you on Twitter and Instagram, and leave places active for comments on your site. You will want those things monitored to make sure you have a positive response coming through, but letting your customers contribute is actually a great way to keep new content flowing on your site. Your customers are engaged and active, and are providing internet marketing support for you!


How 1st in SEO Can Help

1st in SEO is ready to serve as your online content ally. We work with you to provide the best website copy, optimized for the searches your target audience will run. We can maintain and build your content library too, keeping you relevant and continuing to improve your site rankings. We work to pull in the local searches that yield your customer base right where you are. And we do all of this with the expertise you need to take your marketing campaign, and your business success story, to the next level.

Your company is built on your knowledge and experience: of the market space in which you operate, of the products and services you offer, of the local customer base you serve. We are ready to be your trusted partner in building a platform that puts your company forward for more customers to find you and discover what you have to offer.

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