Facebook Messenger Bots – The Future of Customer Service

25 / April 2018,

Facebook Messenger Bots – The Future of Customer Service

Facebook Messenger Bots were unveiled during the social network’s F8 conference as the latest tool for brands to interact and engage with their customers. And with more than 900 million people around the world using Facebook’s messenger platform it has quickly become one of the most powerful methods of customer communication in digital marketing.

With the goal of creating a more engaging user experience for brands, Facebook introduced bots for the Messenger Platform, which your friendly neighborhood  Albuquerque SEO experts are capable of helping you set up. Bots help the users with any information, related to your business from shipping notifications to content subscriptions, as they can understand natural conversation with the help of technology and offer live automated responses.

Experts predict that messenger apps could become more popular than other social networking platforms in the near future.  They also estimate that over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installed, and it is expected to grow to 3.6 billion by the end of 2018.

Here are a Few Positives Features of Facebook Messenger Bots –

  1. Customers Expect Instant Answers

Users want instant responses, which have to be quick and on demand. When developed correctly, Chatbots can save you a lot of time in fulfilling the requests of your users. But they need to offer relevant answers, making it important to hire programmers that will do it right the first time. Leave the programming to an expert SEO company in Albuquerque,  with full stack developers on staff.

  1. Massive Number of Bots has been already created

Many brands of all sizes have already realized the value of bots and have introduced them in their Facebook Messenger. Survey data of BI Intelligence shows that, chatbots are already in heavy use in the US, with the most number of users being in the age group of 18 and 55.

  1. Internet Users Spend More Time in Chat

According to experts, “most teenagers now spend more time on smartphones sending instant messages than perusing social networks.” Other researchers suspect, that the Facebook Messenger app will be the most-used platform on web, expecting to overtake other social networking sites.

  1. Success Rate is High

A recognized brand, 1-800 Flowers state that they were able to generate “70% of their new customers” with Facebook Messenger Bot. Not just them, the growth of brands in showing interest towards developing Facebook bots demonstrates a need for small businesses to start using Chat Bots.

  1. A Personalized experience

The automated customer service by bots is in a more personal way.  You just type a ‘Hi’ in the chat window and you will get an instant response, answering your queries in real-time. It would feel like you are talking to your friend rather than a customer service representative. You get a polite address to your queries too.

  1. Stays online 24/7

51 percent of customers believe a business should be available 24/7. Customers don’t wait for opening hours anymore. They demand that responses to their inquiries have to be responded instantly 24/7.   Unless you have a support team, who is available in every time zone to respond to client queries, you can’t make this happen – this is where Facebook Messenger Bots come to the rescue.

  1. Chat is preferred over email or phone

Stats indicate that, “45 percent of people prefer messaging over email to contact a business.” Email and phone have been in existence for decades now, whereas messaging apps are relatively new as far as trends go, consumers still say that they would choose them over email or phone to get in touch with a business.

Businesses have the opportunity to provide a superior customer experience by making use of the Facebook Messenger bots and enjoying all the added benefits with an increase in customer satisfaction.  Customers prefer chats that are live when talking to businesses and Bots are a great opportunity that should not be missed. So you are interested enough to think about creating a Facebook Messenger bot for your business? An Albuquerque SEO company, can help you with creating the most engaging bot.

Get Acquainted with Your Customers, let them know that you are aware of their needs and you would go the extra mile to make it available to them with Facebook Messenger Bots!