Facebook Advertising

01 / February 2016,

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

In some ways, other social media platforms have pushed past Facebook in the social landscape. Teens are focusing more and more on quicker, more evanescent platforms like Twitter and Snapchat, and news outlets are seizing on this to declare Facebook is a relative dinosaur, on its way to extinction.

Of course, the older demographic for Facebook means a more mature audience, often consisting of more of your customers than the fresher faces among social media. And Facebook has a powerful advertising platform that can give you broader, more focused exposure to those you want seeing your ads.

Facebook advertising allows you to set your budget, direct your ads, and measure the impact of your advertising over time. Mastering this can help you raise your profile and build out your marketing campaign in ways that drive business for you.


Targeting the Right Customers

One of the most important features of Facebook advertising is demographic targeting. Its tool allows you to focus your ads to individuals based on age, location, and interests. If you are a music store, for example, you can focus on the age group you would expect to buy the music you sell, in the area your store sits, and interested in the styles of music you carry. All of this gives you more control over who sees your advertising, allowing you the ability to bring in more sales.


Measure Results

Facebook’s reporting mechanisms provide another powerful tool in your arsenal. It measures not only the number of clicks to your site, but actions from your website as well. You can find out what groups of people are clicking most to your site, and within those groups, who is actually doing something more to become a customer. This allows you to find out whether the people you think you are targeting are the ones you are actually bringing in. It also gives you some insight into who represents your best customer base—insight that may be surprising.

Market research has always had two components: the research that leads to how you build your marketing campaign, and the follow-up research into how successful that campaign is. Facebook allows you to direct both through its advertising platform.

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Tweak and Revise

Of course, this second phase of research only matters to the extent that you use it to improve what you are doing. Marketing has always been as much art as it is science, and no development of algorithms and metrics will ever fully overcome this. If your ads are not generating visits to your website, you may want to revisit how you are developing the ad targeting, how much you are spending to promote your ads, or what kind of language the ads include.

If, on the other hand, your ads are generating traffic but not leading to any significant action by potential customers or increase in revenue, you may need to revisit what they link to on your site. Some of this is about graphic design, but much is also about the content you are providing to your customers. Building out the information you have on your website is an important step, but just as important is developing that content in response to what you are seeing in the market.

One way to do this is to develop or revise content in response to the demographics of those visiting your website. If you have geared your content toward an octogenarian set, only to discover the 35-49 year old age group represents most of your traffic, you should look to revise your style or content to reflect what that younger group might want to see.

Alternatively or additionally, you can run an AB test. Create two different Facebook advertising campaigns with different targets, or have ads link to two different web pages, and see which is more effective. Doing this gives a direct, head-to-head comparison of two approaches. After a suitable amount of time, you can look at the results for each and make a choice. Continuing this process can lead to a focused, powerful advertising campaign that works for your company.


Connect to SEO

Facebook advertising of course cannot exist in a vacuum. The link from an ad to your website is not only a web link, but a content link as well. The more your SEO content marketing connects to those viewing your Facebook marketing, the more synergies you can build between the two. To make Facebook links lead to customer actions, you need to make sure that not only are you targeting the right customers, but that you are providing the content they want to read and can benefit from reading.

A common mistake people make in any social media advertising is to put the best foot forward in the advertisement, only to fall flat in what the reader sees on the website. The two locations should be equally enticing, leaving your reader glad that he or she clicked over to your website. This will lead to sharing and to customer action, both of which benefit your bottom line. 1st in SEO will work expertly with you to create powerful Facebook advertising, with equally powerful content underlying the ads.

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