Everything You Need to Know about Google’s Page Experience Update

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01 / January 2021,

Everything You Need to Know about Google’s Page Experience Update

Is your site ready for Google’s new update? Will it affect your site’s ranking? Well, whenever Google rolls out an algorithm update, every website will see significant changes in their rankings. While some get into the top five, other websites will be pushed to the second page. In fact, Google’s update is something that gives a nightmare to every SEOs and digital marketers out there.

While you spend a lot of time in the core elements of Albuquerque SEO, Google pays attention to enhancing its users’ web page experience.

What is the Fuss about Google’s Page Experience Update?

This update is not something new. We all know that. Yes, it’s all about page speed and user experience. To give the best to users, Google always strives hard, and this is one of their efforts on enhancing the user experience and gives the best results when a user searches for some product or service.

Google’s traditional ranking factors were focused on several factors, including backlink profiles, page speed, and content. The page experience is another initiative by Google to measure how users actually experience the pages in the search result page.

Page experience will be introduced as one of the ranking factors in 2021 to help ensure that user-friendly, high-quality, and fast-loading sites are promoted to reach more users.

A crucial factor that you have to note is that high-quality content that is relevant to searcher queries will be a major ranking factor. A webpage that has low-quality content loading fast won’t necessarily rank higher than a website with relevant content.

Strong page experience signals can boost your website’s rankings if it has quality links and contents.

Providing a high-quality page experience is what all about Core Web Vitals are. So, what determines the quality of a webpage experience? Mobile-friendliness, core web vitals, Https, Non-Intrusive Interstitials, and safe browsing are the search signals for page experience, according to Google.

What Are Core Web Vitals?

According to Google, Core Web Vitals are a set of speed metrics that will measure the user’s experience of a page loading. It is a very important metrics to analyse as it helps the digital marketing experts to shift their focus from actual page load to perceived page load. Traditional page load factors alone don’t tell the whole story of a page loading speed. This is why digital marketing experts need a wide variety of crucial elements to measure and know how users perceive the loading of a page.

Vitals breaks speed down into three separate metrics, including Interactivity (FID) is measure by the first input delay; Loading (LCP) is measured by largest content full paint, and Visual Stability (CLS) is measured by cumulative layout shift.

Focusing on enhancing users experience is the right way to future-proof your digital marketing strategies against search engine updates.

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