Essential Components of a Website

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21 / October 2019,

Essential Components of a Website

The process of developing a website involves many stages. It can be divided into many individual parts. But website is not similar to a car which can be screwed together. The interaction between the components that are separated in space and, possibly, time makes a website work properly. The layout and the navigation structure are more theoretical. Here we have mentioned a few essential front end components for a web design in Albuquerque.

Front End Elements

The website contains two different elements called front-end and back-end. Front end components are what you see in the website and the back end components are what you don’t see. They are done by the Albuquerque website developers. Some of the front end elements are mentioned below:


To make your website a good one, it should have a unifying graphic around which it is built. The graphics used in the website should represent your company and organization. It setups the style elements and color scheme used throughout. The logo ties every element that is associated with your company that includes signs, printed materials, etc.

The Navigation Structure

Navigation structure is not similar to the sitemap but it can represent it. The navigation structure has the collection of what links to what and the order of the pages. In general, it is held together at least by one navigation menu.


You can place the graphics, photos, navigation bars, animation, and flourishes on the website to bring life to it. While choosing images, you need to select high resolution images that add quality to your website.

The Page Layout

Providing good layout can attract many customers to choose your website. Page layout is how the things appear on the page.

  • Are there images above the text area?
  • Where the table is placed?
  • Is the navigation menu on the top or along the side?

It makes their process easy and simple. Bad layout can make the website look slapdash and crowded. Good layout allows the users to find easily what they need. Choose the right Albuquerque website developers to design your website.

Graphic Design

The elements such as logo, the layout, the navigation menu, image, etc. comes under the general category of graphic design. But graphic design is more than the sum of these parts. It is the overall look and feel the website will have as a result of proper use and integration of all these elements. You need to choose the right Albuquerque graphic design firms for your project.


Well written internet-ready text is a special kind of text. Usually the information is broken into readable chunks. The internet began as a method of sharing information. As it evolved into the World Wide Web, it became rich in all kind of media. But it still exists primarily to communicate. It is formatted to be easily scanned, and it is often optimized for search engines as well as human eyes.