Eight SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Search Traffic (Guest Post)

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06 / September 2018,

Eight SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Search Traffic (Guest Post)

SEO is a critical determining factor in driving traffic to any website. With changes in Google’s algorithm every so often, it has become highly essential for webmasters to take on all of SEO’s best practices to realize better results.

Usually, Google sends spiders to different websites to decide whether a particular webpage is valuable or not, and it is the activities of SEO that help provide useful information to these spiders. In a sense, you must initiate a couple of SEO techniques to attract the attention of your target audience that is otherwise distracted by other content on the web. There SEO techniques enlisted here will help you double your search traffic:

Create Relevant and Natural Backlinks

Link building on its own has the potential to place your website in the eyes of an audience you initially had to access to, more importantly, if done correctly.

Having your website being linked to by credible site is a big step towards high brand visibility, credibility and an increase in traffic flow. Likewise, linking your web pages to well-known domain names will improve your rankings much more effectively that linking to less known websites.

The ideal way to incorporate links within your content is to ensure they naturally fit into the flow of your work, rather than forcefully forcing them into a material. Alternatively, you can consult experts in SEO on Serpbook.com to help you figure out more on the essence of backlinks on the SERP of any website.

Wisely Use Keywords on your Website

Keyword research cannot be overlooked in the process of optimizing a site because it helps website owners speak in the language of their target audience. With many resourceful keyword planning tools available in the market, it matters what you do with the keyword results you generate at the end of your research.

Focus on user intent by adequately understanding what those keywords infer to rather than what they mean on the surface. Better yet, opt for long-tail keywords because they have more words to them, and therefore help you to better understand the user intent of those terms. Further, consider your popular keywords for positioning your content pages to search engines and audiences. If people are talking about it, Google is ranking it.

High-quality Content

The success of any SEO campaign is all about providing useful and relevant content to your target audience, in a way that is stress-free to digest for them. Quality content goes a long way in conveniently placing you in the eyes of the right audience, not to mention top on search engines, because Google and other search engines are after high-quality value proposition.

Also, the kind of material you provide stands to build or ruin your credibility in comparison to your competitors. There is so much information available online, which means yours has to stand out as to matters of relevance, quality, suitability, clarity, up-to-dateness, and more importantly, originality. People and search engines alike, appreciate the original content.

Build Social Media Presence

While Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, among other social media platforms, are valuable for high audience engagement, you must pursue higher that these platforms. Your goal should be to build your presence on more authoritative platforms.

Some of the authoritative platforms include sites such as Docstoc, Slideshare, Blogger, Quora, among others. In comparison with the former, these platforms affect a website’s ranking on search engines directly.

Build a Mobile-Friendly Site

Google and other search engines have an affinity to mobile-friendly sites, which means, there is potential for increased search traffic in making your website mobile-friendly. The mobile audience today is by far more significant than the desktop audience and accounts for more purchases than desktop users.

While optimizing your website for mobile first, you must also build your brand by targeting mobile users, mainly because they already are the majority of internet consumers. By targeting the mobile audience, you increase your audience reach as you do your organic search traffic.

Learn your audience

The traffic you are receiving may be as a result of a properly optimized website, but not so much a gratified audience. Since search engines also value a satisfied audience, it is to your advantage if you keep yours happy.

Channel your energy and time in learning the behaviors of your audience. When are they likely to be online for a long time? What topics do they like? On which platforms do they hang out? All these questions should point you towards how to treat your audience right. The most straightforward way to find answers for these is to be active on social media and join forums and communities on social media.

Optimize your landing pages

Landing pages determine how long your audience will stay on your platform, and whether or not they will find value, enough to come back for more.

An excellent landing page features useful and valuable content, a clear call-to-action and no navigation routes because you want users to stay on that page long enough. You can use copyblogger SEO tool to help generate a high-quality landing page for you.

Visual appeal

The highest population of the world learn more by visual appeal, and since technology has prioritized visualization, you should also resolve for the same on your website. Images and pictures, for instance, are more widely shared than text-based content.

To still pass across your message effectively, reach out for variety in your content, for example, adding infographics, pictures, memes, videos, among others. Further, you can spice up your content by using lists and graphs, using H1, H2 and H3, as well as presenting your main points in bullet points, among others.


SEO is not easy neither is it too difficult. Execute these amazing techniques to witness a massive change in your search traffic.