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    At 1st in SEO, we specialize in providing high-quality copywriting for your Internet marketing and customer outreach purposes. Our focus lies in providing unique content that boosts your rankings with the search engines without sacrificing readability for those visiting your website. We deliver the kind of writing that drives effective marketing copy, and work with you to build out your content library over time.

    Too many SEO marketing firms chase gimmicks and look to game the system. That approach worked in the past, but the people who make Google, Yahoo!, and Bing run are smart. They have worked tirelessly over the years to improve their search algorithms and reward those who provide reliable, current, useful information on their websites. As soon as flimsy sites with clever hooks and paper-thin value rise up, they start to fall again. That approach simply doesn’t work today.

    We embrace the algorithmic changes, because they all move search engines toward rewarding websites that do it right. Above all, you want your website to provide the information that your customers want and need, and to do so in a way that lets searches connect those customers to that information. This is the heart of what SEO writing is all about, and it permeates everything we do when we work with you. If you want your content marketing to succeed not only today but over time, your search for the right partner should end here.

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    Content Is the Key to Ranking Success

    Internet marketing begins with helping people find you. Simple enough, right? Perhaps, until you realize there are over a billion websites now in existence. Standing out in the market used to mean having a nice storefront on Main Street. On the Internet, Main Street wraps around the globe and cuts through virtually every country there—and traffic zips across it at warp speed. You can’t just put up your site and bring people in with a wave and a friendly smile.

    So how do you stand out? Chasing algorithms is fruitless; they change almost every day, and a shortcut to rankings that works today may not work next week. Instead, you should focus on building a website that provides value to your potential customers. Beyond what your product or service itself may be, your website gives you a chance to tell your customers about you, your place in the market, and even how to use what you provide to its fullest extent. You can give information that helps people who are looking for companies like yours.

    For this to help you turn your marketing efforts into higher search rankings, the content you provide needs to be unique, relevant, and high quality. All of the algorithms work toward bringing customers to this kind of information, and the more your writing meets these factors, the better your site will rank. Moreover, by building your site this way over time, you can avoid the problem of Google working around your trick. There is no trick; you just need to provide good writing.

    To make the writing compelling, it needs to be distinct from other online writing. If a company just uses templates and cut and paste, or even rewrites competitors’ content, your writing is not unique, and your rankings will suffer. Similarly, if you provide content that is not relevant to your message, or to other information on your website, it will be flagged as spam, and you will not allow as many customers to find you online.

    Quality writing can be more difficult to define. You of course want someone who will write grammatically correct copy for you. More than that, though, you need to provide content people genuinely like to read. To write for the best machine rankings, you need to write something humans enjoy. We love writing and providing content for our customers, and we bring our best to every writing assignment. 1st in SEO will deliver writing that reflects the best of who and what you are, and will keep providing it over time.

    Keywords and Concepts

    To find the content that will be most successful, you do want to base it in research. Keywords, while they have diminished in importance since the heyday of keyword stuffing, still impact the views you get. Google uses them as part of its algorithm, and research tools are readily available online. There is no reason not to research them and use them to help build your content library.

    The way to find the best terms and phrases around which to build has changed some over the years. Still, the two aspects of keywords you need to remember are volume and competition. You want a phrase that people search often, and one that not too many of your competitors are building around. High volume is great, but if everyone else is using the same phrase, you should rethink your strategy. Similarly, no one may be employing the phrase you investigate, but there may be good reasons; if your customers are not looking for that phrase, choosing to fight it out anyway is ridiculous.

    When you have your keyword phrase selected, and it meets your targets for high volume and low competition, you need to figure out how to use it. To do so, you must think of the phrase not as an exact quote, but rather as an idea that fills out the text. After all, you are not trying to provide words to your customers; you are providing information. You usually know more about what you do, and about what consumers in your market space are looking for, than anyone else knows. Use what you know to help generate ideas, then create your content by building around those ideas.

    1st in SEO prides itself on the quality of copy writing that we provide for our clients. Every article or post we draft provides unique, relevant, high quality writing that our clients appreciate and their customers enjoy. We do the research that identifies high-performing keywords, and we build out content libraries that drive search engine rankings higher over time.

    How Content Drives Your Marketing

    When you start with excellent content, the rest of your marketing feeds off of it. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all reward content with higher search rankings. This means that as you add content to your site, you have more for them to identify and more to which they can steer your future customers. Recent content gets a bump, so the more you regularly add to your library, the more consistently you can reach the top rankings for keywords in your industry.

    All of this builds your web traffic and site visits. While these are nice, they do not ultimately keep your lights on. You want to convert visits into sales. Providing content people enjoy, or content that teaches them something important, helps you move toward this goal as well. The more time someone spends on your site, the more likely that someone is to make a purchase, or to visit your brick and mortar location. Excellent content not only helps your search ranking, but the bottom line results as well.

    All the rest of your marketing programs also benefit from strong content marketing. When you provide information to your customers, advertisements make more sense to them and connect to something larger. In addition, people who find your company through a search the first time will more actively seek your site, whether for guidance, new product ideas, or anything else about which you write. You build out organically to meet the audience that most benefits your bottom line.

    We at 1st in SEO understand how to make your content stand out. We will bring you customers through organic web searches, but we also create compelling content that your customers will seek out over time. Our full marketing service builds around providing relevant, unique, high quality writing that brings your potential customers to you and keeps them coming back for more.

    Distribute Your Content

    In addition to letting customers more easily find your content through searches, you should work to develop additional channels through which they can find you. One simple one is an email list. On your website or in your store, you can give your customers the ability to leave their email addresses, perhaps in tandem with a promotion of some kind. You can then use those addresses for weekly or monthly marketing emails, sending an online newsletter or links to your new content as you post it to your site. This keeps you in your customers’ minds and creates backlinks to your site that improve your rankings.

    Backlinks also come through social media, a powerful distribution tool. Just as the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon taught us, we are only a few steps removed from knowing virtually everyone in the world. Facebook, Twitter, and their social media brethren allow you to capitalize on that, reaching out to your customers’ social networks to find people you might never get to on your own. When you post compelling content with interesting headlines and images, you catch more people’s eyes, and create even more links back to your site.

    1st in SEO wants to do more than just create compelling content. We want to help you reach all of your marketing goals. We will work with you to develop and expand your content distribution channels, driving more people to your site than you have ever thought possible. We succeed by helping you grow, and we drive every day to find better ways to do so.

    Connecting Your Customers to You

    You can also create ways to connect your customers to you within their experience with you. One of these ways is to build comments areas within your website. At the end of each article or blog post, you can ask for feedback from your site visitors. If the success of Yelp tells us anything, it is that people love to write about their experiences. Give them a chance to do so with you.

    Of course, comments will not always be positive; people tend to write about the very best and the very worst experiences they encounter. When faced with negative comments on your site, it can be difficult to accept and respond accordingly. You don’t want those comments to sit unheeded, but you also don’t necessarily want to delete them. Not everyone will be happy, and trying to whitewash your site will make you seem less genuine. Instead, take the time to read your comments daily, and good or bad, respond. This gets you engaged with your customers in ways much more powerful than your interactions during the day often provide.

    Social media also gets people talking, as every share, retweet, or like provides feedback about you to other people. These are sites built on interpersonal communications, so the more they are talking about you, generally speaking, the better for your rankings.

    1st in SEO will help you create content that gets people talking, and then give those people the means to help that talk bring more traffic to you. In addition, we will monitor those comments and social media mentions, ensuring that you can stay on top of what people say about you. We craft responses for you and stay on top of this fast-moving world so you can continue to build from the positive and address the negative.

    Measure, Record, and Improve

    Finally, you need to understand that content marketing results move over time. You do not reach a point of stasis; you either improve or decline. One way to ensure you do more of the former and less of the latter is to continue to provide and promote content. Search engines reward recency, so producing regular new content is critical to reaching your desired results.

    But what if you do drop in the rankings? This happens sometimes, for reasons that may seem as remote as the proverbial flutter of a butterfly’s wings across the ocean. Maybe your contact information has been misstated, skewing your local search rankings. Or maybe a news event involving someone bearing your name has cast a negative light on you or your company. Or, you may be facing a quality issue you need to address.

    At 1st in SEO, we do more than merely create excellent content and watch you grow. We also monitor your website performance regularly, and report that performance back to you. If something goes wrong, we investigate immediately and find solutions that strengthen your marketing and your brand over time. We strive to help you and your website improve over time, always with an eye toward increasing your web traffic and your conversions.

    Getting the Most Out of Your Content

    As you can tell, we at 1st in SEO take content marketing seriously. We never settle back to let good be good enough, for ourselves or for you. Our goal is for your site performance to improve every week, in terms of visits and in terms of search rankings. Over time, this will send your sales higher than you ever imagined they could go.

    All of this begins with excellent content. You cannot run any 21st-century marketing campaign without it. This content needs to start with a critical mass; you should launch your website only after you have enough compelling content to bring people to you right away. We will work with you to build a website with that kind of information, a site with muscles it can flex from day one.

    Just as in every other facet of business and personal life, though, day one represents a beginning point, not an endpoint. We don’t draft the pages of a site and then quit; we work with you over time to develop ongoing paths to more content. Sometimes this includes something as simple but powerful as a blog on your site. Other times, it means adding regular articles or white papers about your products or your industry. In any event, you need to keep building out your content to keep new customers coming to you.

    Having 1st in SEO as your partner in Internet marketing goes beyond helpful to being absolutely critical. You have a business to run, and marketing cannot consume all of your time. You need to leave this piece to experts, to someone you can trust to do the job even as you communicate consistently to discuss content ideas that you think will work well for your customers. We take the time to understand your business and write on what matters in your industry. Ultimately, though, you are the expert on ideas; we are the experts on writing. Together, we can develop compelling, exciting content that your customers will want to read, and that will bring new customers to you over time while also retaining your current ones. Don’t leave the lifeline of your business to just anyone. Contact 1st in SEO today to build out a campaign to secure a better future for your company.

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