Consistent Content is Key to Google Rankings

20 / January 2016,

Consistent Content is Key to Google Rankings

Consistent Content: The Key to Google Search Rankings

For almost as long as Google has existed, people have been working to figure out how to game the system and improve search ratings. Early on, this meant stuffing as many keywords into a web page as possible, making Google identify those pages as containing significant content on those issues. Over time, Google adjusted its algorithm to penalize text with too many keywords, and to pick up on semantics and indicators of quality in website writing.

Of course, the algorithms still favor certain aspects of some websites over others. SEO optimization remains important. In fact, with the number of sites available on the web growing exponentially every day, you could argue it is more important than ever. But now, rather than trying to trick the algorithm, the most effective approach to SEO content marketing is to focus on good, consistent content to drive your Google rankings.


What Google Wants

google wants content pictureGoogle does still reward keywords, but only up to a certain concentration. Once a keyword phrase comprises too much of an article, rankings go down to reflect likely spam content. On the other hand, local SEO techniques that focus on city and neighborhood can help drive search results up within location-specific searches. Content marketing that brings in such specifics can help direct traffic to your site.

Further, the search algorithms emphasize sites with content that is rich and relevant. Semantic and contextual capabilities reward sites that provide multiple pages of related content. Older sites that have continued to operate under the same domain get a bump, but so too does recent content, as it shows activity and potential new information for searchers. Developing and building out an SEO-optimized content library over time will lead to rewards in Google’s search algorithm.


Why Quality Matters

Google tweaks its algorithm often, always working toward its goal of directing users to better, more relevant content in their search results. The changes it has made to date go a long way toward achieving this. Gone are the days when good SEO meant employing trickery over substance. Instead, content created in a way that is relevant to the keywords and keyword phrases, and written well, will achieve better results.

More importantly, good writing now will continue to pay dividends over time. The direction of Google’s algorithm will continue to trend toward rewarding higher quality. While trickery and wordplay to match algorithms may work under one iteration, the algorithm will change over time to phase out that kind of targeted writing and reward content that is written better and is more relevant to the searches being run.


The Importance of Unique Content

content matter to seo rankings pictureIn addition to content that is relevant and written well, Google seeks to reward content that is unique. This does not necessarily mean that the content addresses something no other website ever has; indeed, with information available online about everything you can imagine and much of what you can’t, this would be an impossible goal. Instead, the writing should be new, and address the content in a different way.

If you are running a business, approaching information in the context of your business accomplishes this. Further, couching some of your content marketing in your key location or locations can provide uniqueness for you. Producing high quality content about your business and your industry, that reflects the expertise you can provide to your customers, will give you regular, relevant, unique content. Whatever Google does to change its algorithms, these efforts will serve you well.

Finally, producing content on a consistent basis over time will help. Every time you produce new, relevant, SEO-optimized posts and articles on your site, you are building out your content library in a way that registers with Google. Content marketing builds your search rankings if you stay active and create over time.


How to Build Consistent Content

For busy business owners, this may all make sense but feel difficult to achieve. Content marketing requires focus for the long term, and your company requires you to focus often in other directions. This is where a good SEO firm that focuses on content marketing for you can make all the difference. You can identify areas of content you would like, and the firm can recommend some that it believes would work well. Over time, your partnership with the right SEO writers can make a tremendous difference in your search rankings, leading to more potential customers finding you, and ultimately to stronger, more diverse revenue streams.

Further, you can increase your content even more by allowing interaction on your site through a moderated comments field. This gets your customers speaking directly to you, and has the added benefit of adding content to your site every time someone leaves an entry on one of your posts.

1st in SEO can do this and more for you. Expanding the reach of your content marketing, through social media and strong SEO writing, will direct more traffic to you. We will produce regular content for your company, and work with you to reach out further with your content marketing plan than you thought possible. Contact us today to find the key to google rankings for your website

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