Click Fraud in PPC – Here’s What You Need to Know

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08 / June 2021,

Click Fraud in PPC – Here’s What You Need to Know

Online advertising is one of the obvious ways to improve a business’s exposure online. Companies of all sizes have been taking advantage of Pay-Per-Click advertising to market the products and services to their target audience. With over 4 billion people around the world actively using the Internet every day, a well-crafted Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can provide the results you expect. But, one of the biggest problems that the world of PPC encounters on a daily basis is click fraud.

What is Click Fraud?

Click fraud refers to the act of clicking on a page link often with a malicious intent. This would be done to:

  • exhaust the entire marketing budget of an advertiser,
  • significantly damage the performance of an ad campaign, or
  • divert the ad spend to a third party.

Based on the Cost Per Click (CPC) of your Google Ads in Albuquerque, click fraud could cost anywhere between a few pennies and over a hundred dollars.

Different Types of Click Fraud:

Here are the different types of click fraud that exist in online advertising.

Data Centers:

Data centers provide fraudsters the necessary infrastructure to carry out click fraud. They can take advantage of the fast, high bandwidth networks to run their schemes. Almost 50% of ad fraud involves data center traffic. Certain software tools will be run to create fake clicks and impressions. Fraudsters also use data centers as VPN for anonymity, while carrying out these operations. They use multiple servers to generate huge amounts of mobile and desktop traffic.


Botnet is a network of bad bots, which are pieces of code that can be controlled remotely. It is utilized by fraudsters to implement an ad fraud on a large scale. Advertisers should constantly be on the lookout for bad bots, since it usually mimics real human behavior. Bad bots execute the same set of tasks, such as fake clicks, repeatedly at a very fast rate.

Click Farms:

Click farms are essentially a room full of people clicking on different links from multiple phones and computers. Several people get hired and paid to intentionally click on advertisements, in order to drain the Pay-Per-Click advertising budget or affect the ad performance. Click farms could also be used to boost traffic on websites, or increase engagements on social media posts. The concept is pretty simple, and is usually carried out in regions where there is little to no regulation on ad fraud.


Geomasking is yet another form of ad fraud with which the fraudsters hide the location of their clicks. With fake IP addresses, advertisers are tricked into believing that the clicks they get are valuable.

To help combat click frauds, and to ensure the most accurate results for your ad campaign, it is ideal to deal with the professionals. Talk to a PPC agency in Albuquerque to know more.