Brief Guide: Importance of Local SEO for Your Business

26 / April 2019,

Brief Guide: Importance of Local SEO for Your Business

Today, local searches are the in thing when looking for businesses. If you were looking for a nearby coffee shop, the first place you would turn would be google. That is the case for most people and businesses realize that which is why they are putting more finance and effort into local search engine optimization.

What is Local SEO?

It is probably important to first understand what it is before delving into how your business can use it. It is a process of making a business more visible within the community that it operates. This is not limited to just a business that is physically located in that community, but one that provides services in the area. It can also be defined as providing search results that are relevant to an individual’s location. The bottom line is that local search engine optimization will have an element of the location. For example, you may search for a coffee shop in LA.

How Important is Local SEO?

You may wonder if you really need to pay attention to this since you already have an SEO company doing a great job for you. Well if that company is worth their salt, they may already be incorporating this strategy. Here is the thing, you will have a better chance of being found by potential clients who are looking for the service or product you provide within their area. According to statistics, 50 percent of people who carry out a local search will go ahead to visit the business within 24 hours. Generally, you will be increasing the chances of getting real business and not just being discovered online.

How to Implement Local SEO Strategy?

Google My Business

Make use of this to have your business listed free on Google Maps. Considering Google is the most used search engine, you will have a higher chance of getting discovered in local searches. When you list your business on Google My Business, ensure that you include the business name, address and phone number – this is just the basic information. It is also a good idea to exhaust the advantages of using this feature by including more information about the business like the services offered, hours of operation, customer reviews, price and any other relevant information you would want people to have when they search for your business.

Customer Reviews

A lot of people depend on word of mouth to make purchase decisions. Recommendations from people who have used a service before can sway more people. There are a number of sites online where you can make use of this including Facebook.


There are a number of online directories, make the most of them by listing your business and provide as much information as can be accepted. These are the important tips of local SEO you need to know. It is now time for you to try them out, integrate them by talking with the SEO services provider and wait for the impact.