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    Company Name and Image Branding

    Marketing your business effectively can make all the difference between getting by and doing well. But successful marketing does not come out of a box. It begins when you figure out who you are, and how to present yourself in a way that your potential customers appreciate. Put a face on the value you provide to your customers, and the value you are ready to provide for more. From here, your brand will emerge.

    So what exactly is a brand? In the most literal sense, it represents a combination of your business name and logo. For savvy businesses, though, it means much more. Your brand is your identity, with all of the layers of meaning this brings. It’s what you stand for, who you are, what you want for yourself and your community. And it sets the table for everything you do with and for your company.

    With so much riding on this, you want to make sure you get it right. At 1st in SEO, we understand not only why branding is so important to you, but how to help you get it right. We will help you create, nurture, and advance your brand to enhance your ability to penetrate your market and build your success.

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    Your Business Identity

    Your business identity should permeate all of your marketing and branding efforts. Your website, your social media, and your customer relations must all reflect the essence of who you are. This starts with telling your story: who you are; how and why you started your business; and what you are doing now. When you design your website and create content, this should inform every detail and every sentence. Branding requires consistency; any step away from the way you want people to see you can create confusion and weaken the messaging you seek to provide.

    The most direct place you provide your story to your customer base is your website, particularly in an “About Us” page. Far too many websites fail to take advantage of this space, giving basic information that lets people know when they started and where they sit, and not much more. The result, from a potential customer’s standpoint, is that you provide nothing to show your unique story, nothing to motivate someone to choose you over someone else.

    1st in SEO will work with you to avoid this by creating copy that helps you stand out from the crowd. Your identity should leap from the screen, and should demonstrate that you are not merely just as good as your competition, but in fact are better. We will help you establish a consistent professional image that reflects excellence and uniqueness within your industry, by helping tell a story that is yours and yours alone.

    Logo and Graphic Design

    A significant aspect of your branding comes from the logo and graphic design you employ on your website and other marketing media. These should complement the story of who you are, as they are a piece of how you portray yourself to the world and to your potential customers. This means carefully selecting the right overall design, the right color scheme, and the right placement on your website and other marketing materials. You want something that fits the image you wish to portray, that accentuates but does not overwhelm your messaging.

    Your logo should both fit into and stand out within your web page design. You want something that offers congruence with your page, to show visually that the logo is not merely a marketing gimmick, but rather serves as the face of your brand. We work with you to develop a logo that represents who you are and what you stand for. Each color and shape and angle is developed to mean something specific, and to fit together in a cohesive manner. You don’t want something overly complicated, but at the same time you want it to deliver impact to your potential customers. 1st in SEO will work with you to develop a design that works for you.

    Exposure Through Your Website

    Of course, while your logo stands as the face of your brand, you still need the rest of the body. Your website gives structure to your branding, both in its design and its content. Your web design employs your logo strategically and frames it in colors and themes that let it stand out without conflicting with the rest of what you are doing. We will build you a website that lays out your brand in a way that brings life to your identity, whether that identity is soft and comforting or bold and powerful. Your identity and reason for being drive our creative process. Everything we do for you comes not from our preconceived ideas of what makes a good web design, but rather from your ideas, your company, your place in the industry and community.

    While web design and logo art play an important part in setting this up, though, they can only go so far. Your content is what truly sets your company apart as a unique brand and entity in the marketplace. Online marketing requires regular, search engine optimized content to work—and every content post on your site must be consistent with your brand. A danger in posting regular content over time, without a clear plan for how to do so, is that you can begin conflicting within your own web presence. New ideas and unique content can bring with them shifts in your approach and cracks in the veneer of your identity. This in turn weakens your brand, both for your current customers and for the new customers whom you are attempting to reach.

    1st in SEO focuses its efforts every day to ensure this does not happen. We start with you: your identity, your brand. We then build content around the themes that best represent you. This means more than writing about your industry or your company. We write about you, in the context of your company and industry. When your content always builds from a starting point of you, you know your messaging will remain where you need it to be.

    Social Media Consistency

    That messaging extends beyond your website itself. Your social media presence serves as an extension of your web presence, and thus an extension of your branding. We will help you set up your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages to ensure the design fits with your website and with your message. No one should ever view one of these pages and not know who you are or what you do. They should represent you in a way similar to what your website does; your logo, themes, and display should mirror each other among all of your online platforms.

    When you create consistency across every one of your platforms, you allow them to speak to each other and through each other with a stronger overall presence. Your customers will recognize and respond to you however they find you, and will do so without getting confused about the content they are viewing. This allows you also to promote your social media presence through your website, and post links to your web content through social media, in a way that builds out your brand rather than allowing it to implode within itself.

    1st in SEO works to build your social media campaigns through and around your brand. We will show you how to use these powerful tools on a sound foundation of fundamental brand consistency. In doing so, we will help you expand out without spreading thin, grow out while keeping a solid core in place. Getting bigger should never mean compromising who you are.

    Shining the Spotlight

    When you have the correct foundation in place, opportunities abound. You can continue to grow without losing the base from which you began. SEO marketing does this for you by providing strategies that get you seen because of what you present and how. You want to have something coherent on which to shine a marketing spotlight before you shine it. The branding you create and provide to your customers is the key to it all.

    Once this is in place, you build content consistent with that branding. Use keyword phrases and concepts that connect back to your brand, as this helps you stay connected to yourself over time. The more unique, consistent, relevant content you post, the more your search rankings will rise, and the more people will see you. This initial pull of customers to your site can make all the difference in their being interested, engaged, and converted into purchasers.

    Ironically, pushing information out that is too focused on the sale will usually result in fewer sales; it will drop your rankings in search engines, and it will turn off those customers you do still pull into your website. The reason is simple: sales-oriented content tends not to be engaging or interesting, and the search engines flag such content as spam. Instead, provide interesting content—about your brand, your area, your company, You. When you do so, you create something original for search engines to appreciate—content relevant to your business and as unique as you. Your brand drives this because it incorporates all of the essential elements of who you are. Build from those elements, and bask in the expanding light your marketing will shine on you.

    1st in SEO Is Your Branding Expert

    We work with you to develop a voice that fits your identity and advances your brand with every web page and every blog post. From your website structure and logo to your content creation and social media marketing, we will give you all you need to help your brand thrive in the marketplace. We walk you through the process of identifying and portraying that brand to your current and potential customers, in a way that will bring them to you and keep them coming back.


    When it comes to your SEO marketing, your brand is one of the most important aspects of your campaign. 1st in SEO will build from the ground up to ensure you have solid ground on which to build. Contact us today to get started!

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