Brace Yourself for These Web Design Trends and Predictions

Image by Olalekan Oladipupo from Pixabay

23 / August 2019,

Brace Yourself for These Web Design Trends and Predictions

2020 is coming, and it’s the right time to start refreshing your web design to start a new phase. Here is a whittled list of the top web design trends to look for in 2020 to keep up with the digital world.

Adaptive Web Design

Adaptability is one of the key requirements of web design since the webpage should be readable and visually appealing. A few research reports reveal that 80% of the visitors leave a non-adaptive site instantly stating inconvenience as the reason. So, a professional web design company in Albuquerque must focus on saving users from these difficulties.

Bold Typography

With website owners struggle to simplify web design in Albuquerque, bold typography is gaining more and more popularity these days. This oversized lettering attracts more leads to your brand name. Yes, it is a fact that visitors will definitely remember what was written in bold and are more likely to come back to your platform.

Asymmetric Layouts

Gone are the days of grid-based website design in Albuquerque. If you want to stand unique and stay ahead of your competitors, you must start implementing a broken grid technique now. This makes your website look more creative, and this design is one of the top web design trends of 2020.

Add Videos

According to a recent research report, “Most users have no desire to stay long on the site. But most of them are willing to spend 2, 5 or more minutes to view the relevant video.”

So, it’s important to integrate informative videos, no your website to attract and retain more leads. Here are a few more statistics that help you understand that videos have not lost their game.

  • 96% of users watch videos to learn about a product in detail
  • 79% of customers revealed that they would not buy a product if the video fails to convince them
  • 94% of PR managers watch videos to get a clear picture of their project.
  • 84% of managers agree that by embedding the video on their webpage, they have managed to increase the traffic on the site.

Chat Bots

Chat bots are becoming more like people and are developed to imitate a conversation. They are cheaper than the support staff and available 24×7. Today, the bots are updated and upgraded and can complete an order, help with registration or restore an account.

Keep it Minimal

Minimalism involves simplifying the interface in several ways, and it includes,

  • Hidden navigation bar
  • Less color
  • No additional details of graphic design
  • Less number of buttons and more

Today, website owners are moving towards maximum simplification with the display of as few elements as possible on one page.

Follow the above trends now to keep up with the digital world and stay ahead of your race.