The Basics to Building a Strong Web Foundation

10 / July 2017,

The Basics to Building a Strong Web Foundation

Customers have different needs. And when a business succeeds in providing solutions to those needs, it is bestowed with reputation, ranking and revenue. That’s why it’s important to deliver the best kind of content based on the needs of the industry and your customers. It’s also important for every business to use its own distinct style in developing that content. Even with great content, it is essential to learn the basics of SEO in Albuquerque  to help your business establish a strong foundation on the web.

Focus on your customer

Publish a customer-focused model of your customer service policy so your customers know what to expect from your business as well as the guarantees you offer for their protection. This way, expectations are clear from the beginning. This type of transparency builds brand loyalty.


Successful SEO in Albuquerque requires that your company’s Name, Address and Phone number is prominently featured on your website. Make sure they are placed in areas where it is easily distinguished by humans and search engine robots. NAP should be consistent on your website and throughout the internet.

Testimonials page

Displaying the sentiments of your customers is useful in gaining the trust of visitors. It has been found that 92% of users are now relying on online reviews.

Also, do not be a silent bystander. Respond to their complaints. The experts of SEO in Albuquerque agree on one thing: It is far easier to satisfy an unhappy customer than to try to win a new one.


Your home page should be able to provide all the necessary information, making it easier for the customers to understand your business and contact you. It also needs to be easy to navigate and give visitors incentives to explore the additional pages.

The other important pages to include are, a contact us page, city landing page, FAQ page and store locator page.


Taking a visual approach to representing your business will attract more customers. Professional looking pictures of your products and services will help build brand integrity. If your business is more numbers based you can convert boring data into interesting graphics. Keep in mind, your end-goal is to create an eye-catching website that makes people want to buy your product or service.

Call to action

CTA prompts users to do what they want in alignment with the steps you hope they would take. If you are running an Audio book website, nothing would encourage the customer to sign up quicker than a “join free for a month” option.

Local business content

Customers are looking for answers to their questions, your business should offer the best solutions. You can do this several different ways; through blog content, social media posts, video production, infographics, as well as photos and inclusions from third party websites that cater to your business or City.

It takes relentless content production to get the right type of notoriety for you brand. Useful content and a website with great user experience that accurately represents your business, will help your business get better rankings from Google. Following these steps can take your company the next level and help you drive more traffic to your website ultimately resulting in more sales.