Are You Using Video Background the Right Way?

27 / December 2018,

Are You Using Video Background the Right Way?

Did you know when switching to video background on a homepage there is a 138% improvement in conversion rate? Video background is one of the most popular website design trends and if used properly, can help you capture your website visitors’ attention too!

Video background is great as they auto-play on desktop computers and can be extremely impactful, especially when they are used in conjunction with the top area of a website.

Here we’ve listed a few tips to get the most out of using video backgrounds in your website design in Albuquerque.

When to Use Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds can be used in your web design in Albuquerque for the following reasons:

  • Create a vibe
  • To set a tone
  • To induce an emotional reaction

Video backgrounds work well for most professional websites and give your potential clients a chance to get to know you before even talking to you. It also provides a very vivid visual representation of the service you provide.

Use Video Backgrounds with a Purpose

When created with a purpose, video backgrounds allow you to convey the message you are trying to communicate. Moreover, ensure that the video you are choosing complements what your homepage is trying to achieve.

The Video Background Shouldn’t Compete with Your Content

When using video backgrounds, make sure that it doesn’t hurt the readability of your website. But, how will you achieve it? Here are a few tips to do that.

  • The color of the text should contrast against your video. Use darker colors in your content for a lighter video. This allows your content to not blend into the video background and create the contrast you need.
  • Even if you are using the right contrasting color in your content, it can make your content hard to read if you are using a very vibrant video background with a lot of details. Decrease the intensity of your video background with a dark or light overlay to make it lighter than the original and mellow down any details that are making your content hard to read.
  • Overlaying your video with color also make your video background lighter than the content.

Loop Short Video Clips

When using a video background, website loading speed is a big concern because video files can be large and take a longer time to load. According to the recent research reports, poor website loading speed can cause your visitors to leave your website prematurely, and possibly lowering your search engine rankings.

To prevent this issue, keep the video short and video file small. Also, try to limit the video to 5-10 seconds long, and the video file size to 6MB or less, and loop your video continuously to give the impression that the video is longer than it really is.

Other tips include use video without audio, never show video controls and more. Get in touch with your web design company in Albuquerque for more information.