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22 / January 2016,

Albuquerque Internet Marketing

5 Tips to Improve Your Albuquerque Internet Marketing

Local businesses too often rely on word of mouth and signage to bring in customers. This can be effective to some extent, especially in a small town. But an Internet Marketing plan is important in a larger area like Albuquerque, too often it misses customers who could benefit from what you do and just don’t know how to find you. Potential customers every day are searching for businesses to provide what they need, and if you don’t have your online presence optimized to lead them to you, you are missing out.

Unfortunately, bringing local customers to you is not always easy. Building your Albuquerque internet marketing plan requires time, patience, and understanding of how local SEO works. The five tips below will help you get started.


1. Define Who You Are

The most obvious piece of the local SEO process is to define who you are to people searching for companies like yours. Your Albuquerque internet marketing plan starts with NAP: ensuring accurate presentation of your name, address, and phone number on your site. These need to be present in text; image files providing your NAP information may look good, but search engine algorithms can’t read them as they do text. You also need to make sure the information is listed consistently throughout your site, and check to make sure listings for your company with online listing sites like are consistent as well. Erroneous information can cost you in reliability scores and ranking results.
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In addition, you need to make clear what the product or service is that you provide. Define this on your home page and elsewhere, making sure anyone who visits your site knows what you do and how you do it. Your web content can and should give information about your industry on the whole, but there is no excuse for getting a customer to visit your website without identifying what you do to those people.

Finally, you can help yourself and your customers immensely simply by providing directions to you. A link to Google Maps or basic driving directions can be very helpful in helping your customers find you, a critical element to converting websites into visits and sales. If the goal of your Albuquerque internet marketing campaign is to build your business, helping guide them from your site to your building can make a huge difference.


2. Make Sure You Are Mobile

More than ever, people are using mobile devices for internet searches. This affects web design in a number of ways, but local SEO is particularly affected. Mobile devices are designed with locator services that hone in on businesses, so your site will benefit from designing your SEO to maximize local impact. If their devices are designed to help lead people to you, your site needs to be designed to let them do so.

Next, make sure you have a homepage with a clean design, from which users are able to link to other pages without too much surfing or scrolling. Trying to navigate sites designed only for desktop users can be frustrating and annoying, and people searching for you on their mobile devices will be turned off before they have a chance to take action on anything they read. You still want content choices to drive your local SEO strategy, but assuming your potential Albuquerque customers are sitting in their living rooms when they search is foolhardy at best.

Finally, making actions easy is more critical with mobile site design. You want someone to be able to move from any page and, with a click on the smartphone or tablet’s screen, move immediately to contact you or make a purchase from your e-commerce offering. Any actionable choices on your site, whether a Contact Me page or a shopping cart checkout page. Make things easy for your mobile customers, and you will reap the benefits.


3. Encourage Reviews

Another element on which you need to focus to build your Albuquerque internet marketing profile is building out reviews in online venues. Yelp, Yahoo!, Google Places, and any other sites that are important in your industry. The more reviews you have, and particularly the more positive reviews you garner, the more it will boost your local rankings.
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The most important sites for you may be different from those for other companies or industries. You can research sites relevant to your industry for web traffic, and look to see where your competitors have been reviewed as well. Run a general search on other companies in your area that do something similar to what you do, and look to the sites on which they have received reviews.

The rules of many of these sites prohibit direct solicitation of reviews. That said, they do not prohibit mentioning their sites, or even linking to their sites through your own website. You can let your customers know they may review you on Yelp, Angie’s List, or whatever site or sites make the most sense for you based on your research. As this gains steam, your local search rankings will surge because users are building your reputation for you.


4. Stay Connected to Albuquerque

With everything else that goes in to building your local marketing presence online, it can be easy to miss the most obvious: to improve your Albuquerque internet marketing, you need to demonstrate your connectedness to Albuquerque. This goes much further than an Albuquerque address. You should build image and video files into your site that show Albuquerque and how and where you are situated there, with captions and metadata that help identify your local surroundings.

You also need to show your awareness and understanding of the neighborhoods in and around which your business sits. Google’s algorithms reward content and images that focus on the neighborhood level, rather than just the metropolitan area. Albuquerque holds a broad, diverse population, and treating the whole area as a homogeneous whole will make you miss opportunities that are available to you.

This does not only go for images and profiles. Your content should also help connect you to the area. Why have you set up your business where you have? What do you offer to Albuquerque that your competitors cannot? You can tell your story in terms of how long you have been here, or why you came here. You can describe what you saw in the market—or did not see in the market—that led you to set up shop where you did. Abstract content can be helpful at times, but you are grounded and situated in a particular place, and treating your website as something apart from that place does you a disservice.

The goal of an internet search engine is to connect people to information. When you run a business in Albuquerque, you should be reaching specifically out to the people who live there or are traveling there. When you connect your company to the area in specific and meaningful ways, you increase your opportunities to build your local business.


5. Keep Your Users Happy

Ultimately, none of this will matter for long if you forget about your customers. From an SEO perspective, this means you need to provide meaningful information to users you bring to your website. Knowing who they are will help you find ways to connect, and market research on your local customer base will help you create the kind of content that will matter to them. Giving knowledge that helped you grow in your business, in a way that your customers can understand and use it, will also matter to them.

You can also use comments and social media connections to keep your finger to the pulse of your customers. Build a network to which they can connect, and give information they want to read and share. Comments and backlinks help grow your site rankings, but they also keep you informed. The better you understand those you serve, the better you can serve them.

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Finally, all the SEO content in the world can only help you if you give your customers a satisfying experience through the point of purchase. To them, you exist to provide some project or service. Information you provide and content you present can get them to you; a strong, positive experience will lead them to give you positive reviews and to come back for more.


Your Source for Albuquerque Internet Marketing

For you to deliver the best experience you can for your customers, you can’t spend all of your time on web design or SEO marketing. Unless that is the service you provide, your energy should go toward running your company and giving your customers what they want and need. Your internet marketing campaign isn’t your endpoint; it is a means to an end.

Fortunately, 1st in SEO can take on the marketing legwork for you. We specialize in creating strong, meaningful, ongoing content that will build your site rankings and your customer base. We are right here in Albuquerque, so we understand the area and all its nuances. We get you, and can get you where you need to be. When you look for Albuquerque internet marketing help, that gives you a huge advantage over someone who relies on outsourcing the work to someone in another state or even another country.

When you work with us for your internet marketing plan, we take the time to understand who you are and what you need. We work as a trusted partner, developing content with your input to help share your business with the Albuquerque area. Don’t trust your marketing work to just anyone, and definitely don’t try to do it all yourself. Contact 1st in SEO today to get your Albuquerque internet marketing campaign up and running.

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