Actionable PPC Strategy for COVID-19

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

20 / April 2020,

Actionable PPC Strategy for COVID-19

Our lives have changed drastically after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The schools are closed, people cease to travel, the governments have started reacting, economy is going down, most businesses have suspended their operations and most of us as are at home to safeguard ourselves to avoid the spread of Novel coronavirus. COVID-19 has had an impact on the Google Ads Results for different industries too. While some industries were ready to face the unstable market trends, not every one of them was prepared. This necessitated the need for businesses to adjust according to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few viable, actionable strategies Pay-Per-Click Advertising strategies to sync with the campaign to minimize the negative impact of the crisis.

Business Value Proposition

In most cases, businesses alter to push different services or product, which has more demand in this current situation. Analyze if your product/service is essential for your customers now? Review your current Google Ads Albuquerque campaigns and decide if the message is worthy, and what should be included to express the current situation. For example, you can mention about – contactless delivery, Adding curbside pickup details, Hours of operation, company’s response to the virus etc. Include these messages on your landing pages too. Don’t sound too salesy, instead take a softer sales approach!

Budgets & Spend

This is the best time to reconsider your budget and spend. During this global emergency, you might have to shift your budgets to those products or services, which is more relevant, and the best performing campaigns to capitalize on the results. You can take some tips from the experts at PPC Agency Albuquerque to review the budget Vs. actual spend and to identify the areas of budget that is not utilized and use them in campaigns that need it most. This will help you focus on other management tasks. Also make use of the Smart Bidding feature in the Pay-Per-Click Advertising platforms. This allows to adjust the CPC bids to complement the goals of the advertiser in real-time.

User Search Behavior

People live their life online during this pandemic period, through researching, socializing, and purchasing online. You can communicate about what services your business can deliver virtually and the amount of time that will be taken to deliver the services/products. Possibly you can use extensions like – fast delivery, contactless delivery, porch drop-off etc.

Which Channel to Deploy?

People, who are staying at home, are deploying more online communication tools than ever before. Though many social platforms are available now, most people are returning back to Facebook, who had dumped the platform for privacy issues. Social ads are now considered as a great opportunity to reach more people.  The following Ad opportunities are worth giving a try – YouTube ads, Pinterest, Twitter, Display ads and Facebook Ads. There is a great opportunity for business, as there is less completion and the market share can be increased simply with the help of existing budget!