A Brief Guide: On-Page Vs Off-Page Optimization in the Social Media Era

28 / November 2018,

A Brief Guide: On-Page Vs Off-Page Optimization in the Social Media Era

The debate about which SEO technique (on-page or off-page optimization) you should focus the majority of your time on is an old one but experts still argue about it every day. This debate also neglects the importance of technical SEO

It’s important to point out that both are equally critical when we mention online business, really any business. When hiring SEO services in Albuquerque, it’s important to know the difference between the two to take advantage of every possibility for gaining traffic to your site.

On-page Optimization refers to how well your content is presented to search engine and involves a variety of factors including:


You need quality content if you want to succeed in applying on-page Albuquerque SEO NM. Even though content quantity is important, you should ensure its top-notch quality first. Then ensure you focus on keywords that you want to rank for.

Title Tags

Title tags are one of the top things to consider for effective on-page optimization. They contain words that appear as clickable links in the SERPs (normally seventy characters or less). You need to make them concise and relevant.

Meta Data

Metadata is a summary description of the content on a webpage. It’s not often used to rank sites these days, but Google still uses it to get a better idea of your sites content. It needs to be between 155 to 160 characters— alphanumeric only.

Heading Tags

These are the tags that define content on your pages. They should include headings and subheadings, and both need to have keywords.


Linking pages to each other on the website and within contents provides context to the readers as well as to search engines.

Off-page Albuquerque SEO NM involves what other sites are saying about your site, and thus by gaining authority the more people recognize your website. Some examples include:

Backlink Acquisition

Getting others to mention your site is essentially counted as a vote for your site by search engines. Even though popularity is not a top consideration because of its ability to be manipulated, it still can be an important ranking factor.

Social Interaction around Content

It’s more important than ever for people to share your content on social media and interact with it on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Shareable content isn’t click-bate, it’s content that your followers will interact with and love.

Social Channels Promotion

You want people to see your ideas and products, and you can promote it on various social channels. Some of these platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Quora, and YouTube among others.

Social Bookmarking

There are tons of Social Bookmarking platforms providing you an opportunity to bookmark your website, so people can share all content that you produce. Contributing to discussions on other sites and provide your content and name for interaction.

Blogging as a Guest

To get strong backlinks, you will need to guest post on other sites. Do it both to get the backlinks and showcase your business to prospects, who might bump into your content.

To succeed on a long-term, ensure you structure your content properly and also build your reputation online. Meaning, you need both on-page and off-page optimization. For help with both techniques seek out, SEO services Albuquerque to help you implement the best strategies like creating high-quality content and more.