7 Ways to Succeed in Implementing SEO for Your Website

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12 / June 2019,

7 Ways to Succeed in Implementing SEO for Your Website

Many experts may give advice about improving your search engine optimization strategy, but quite often for the ordinary website owner some of the things you are advised to do may not seem so easy and you may fail to implement them. Well, this article will break it down for you and give you solutions for some of the more common problems that can be fixed quickly.

Make Your Title Tags Standout

Title tags play a major role in the ranking of your pages, yet many people still do not pay as much attention as they should to them. It is important that you come up with unique title tags for pages that you would like to rank favorably. You also need to ensure that they are descriptive and contain the keywords you want to rank for. There are some tools you can use to track duplicated page titles. Utilize the tools and have distinctive title tags.

Keep Title Tags Short

Long title tags are a common failure for many pages. Remember a lot of visitors prefer to scan through websites and long title tags may only serve as a put off for such visitors. While you want to make it descriptive, you need to also avoid making them lengthy. Keywords tend to get diluted within lengthy title tags. A common mistake is to use the full business name at the end of all page titles. If you must use the name, find a way to shorten it.

Arrange Internal Duplicates

Internal duplicates can cause confusion and affect the rank of a page. Canonization makes it easy for the search engine to recognize the most important page in relation to the keywords instead of leaving it up to the engine to decide which page to choose and that will end up affecting your rank. If you are not good enough to do this on your own, you can have an SEO company do it for you.

Make META Descriptions Stand Out

You might ignore this because it does not directly affect ranking, but this is an error because META descriptions are like movie previews, they can help a visitor decide whether to click or not. Unique META descriptions will draw more attention and increase the interest in that page. The value of your page can be seen in this description.

Link Products Directly

This is mainly for big e-commerce websites with hundreds of pages. There can be a difficulty in providing enough ranking space for the different products and so placing them on the home page and linking them directly may help create better ranking opportunities.

Eliminate Links to Low-value Items

You cannot have every item claiming prominence on the page, this creates too much competition especially for inbound links. By removing those with less value, you avoid competition and get better SEO services.

Rearrange Title Tags

Many websites have their tags in the wrong order so what should have been first comes last after a lot of unnecessary tags. Study your title tags and see if there is a need to put them in the right order.

These seven tips can really boost your search engine optimization and help you get more visitors and hopefully good ROI as well.