5 Ways Your Web Design Can Hold You Back

09 / May 2016,

5 Ways Your Web Design Can Hold You Back

You may think you have an SEO website for your business. You have taken the time to develop relevant, interesting, creative content, and you update it regularly. But whether you measure your performance through site traffic or through conversions, you still aren’t getting to where you need to be. In many cases, this comes out of some basic flaws in your web design.
Content is indeed king, but another important part of your SEO puzzle is creating the right structure to give you the best chance to succeed. Many of the standard web design packages you might purchase, and even some work done by web designers, suffer from errors that, if not corrected, will sink you before your content has a chance to be effective. To get the most from your website, avoid or correct these problems.

1. Template Designs

You want your company to stand out online. So why would you purchase the same layout that anyone else can get online? Your website should reflect your branding, and it should represent you and no one else. The colors and images you select, the fonts you use, and the words you employ all factor in. Unique content on a website that is anything but unique will never work as well as the same content on a site specifically created for you.5 Ways Your Web Design Can Hold You Back1

When you select an Albuquerque Web Design Firm, that firm should begin by trying to understand you. The structure of your firm should come in part from the firm’s expertise, but grow from your vision and your brand identity. If it comes from anyplace else, you are losing opportunities to connect with your customers.


2. Inconsistency in Your Site

When you add content, you need to ensure that your styles remain consistent. This factors in to how you create branding on your site. Every page should contain your logo, your colors, and your company name. You should have headers that work on every page, and you should use the same or complimentary fonts and sizes on every page. Your identity comes out through
what you display, and if that identity is inconsistent, you lose opportunities to help your customers understand who you are.

3. Not Using Links Effectively

Internal linking in your website provides the trail of breadcrumbs that your users can follow to navigate your site. This serves as a map that allows someone to move, for example, from an informational page to a purchasing page, or from blog content to a related web page on your site. When someone finds your site, that person should not have to rely on luck or work hard to find their way through your site. Internal links create a path for them to follow. They should be
easy to spot and take the reader to the content they need to find.

On the other hand, creating links that divert someone from that path can do as much damage as not having proper links set up. If your links create pop-up windows, for example, you can distract and annoy your readers before they can make purchases or contact you. Broken links also create problems; every time a part of your site fails to work as needed, it reflects poorly on you and costs you customers. Your Albuquerque web design firm will stay vigilant and help you
avoid this kind of problem—and fix it if something goes wrong.

4. Responsive Web Design Issues

Mobile searching represents the majority of search behavior among consumers. This means that your website, if it fails to work properly on a smartphone or tablet, loses out on far more business than you can afford not to capture. If you have ever tried scrolling through a site on a smartphone just so you could see the full display, you know the frustrations it can create.

Responsive designs let your page size adjust to fit the screen on which someone is viewing.Some template designs available come with this capability built in. But there is more to proper responsive design than just resizing your content. If you have several items on each page, including images and video content, it can make a compressed view of your content difficult to read or navigate. If you choose the right Albuquerque web design firm, they will work with you
to streamline your mobile content and let you get the most out of your site in all formats, on all devices.

5. Site Speed

Slow load times kill your website’s ability to convert page views into sales. While web browsers have developed to the point that most visual content loads quickly and runs smoothly, you should frequently check your load times on different browsers and devices to ensure this does not create problems for your company. You may have to streamline your content or make tweaks to your coding to keep your site operating at its full potential.

Over time, this affects your site’s SEO performance as well as its conversion potential. Search engines use loading speeds as one of the signals for site rankings. Accordingly, you lose opportunities on both the traffic side and the conversion side if you run slow. Your Albuquerque web design firm should work with you to avoid hurting yourself like this.

1st in SEO for Your Albuquerque Web Design Needs

The right web design professionals can give you a significant boost over your competition. At 1st in SEO, we give you individualized service that begins by understanding who you are. We use this understanding to create a web design that uniquely fits who you are and what you do. We develop a site that looks great and works effectively for your needs. Your customers should be able to find your site and find their way through it. The structure and design should then encourage them to go where you want them to go, and make it easy and convenient for them to act on what they see. When you work with us, we make sure your Web Design Delivers.