5 Unrivaled Benefits of Growth-Driven Design (GDD)

30 / November 2018,

5 Unrivaled Benefits of Growth-Driven Design (GDD)

Growth-driven design is an important aspect of web design in Albuquerque. In comparison to conventional website development, Growth-Driven Design (GDD) has some unique differences.

It starts by gaining a deep understanding of your ideal customer and then designing your website in a way that solves their problems.

Here are some of the unrivaled benefits you should know about growth driven design:

Developing Goal-Oriented Techniques

It’s 2018, every business needs a website and continuous search engine optimization. That’s a given.

But without clear goals and relevant KPIs SEO in Albuquerque won’t be effective. Creating digital marketing goals can be difficult without the right metrics. If you’re not measuring customer behavior your business is already miles behind the competition.

This is why it’s important, that before the design process even starts, you take a deep dive into the analytics of your current website to determine how your customers interact and where they drop off.

Is your website difficult to navigate? Is the overall user experience a positive one? Can customers find what they need quickly? Does your website provide a clear pathway to conversions?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself before even considering a redesign.

It’s true every business needs a responsive website to capture leads and interact with potential customers.

But before spending thousands of dollars on a website, make sure you have a plan that will produce ROI.

Make sure that the work you put in your website pays off. By implementing Growth Driven Design, the probability of achieving your objectives increases exponentially.

Let Your Customers Determine Design

Most website owners develop their sites according to personal preference. They compare the look and feel of their website to similar websites or the sites of their competitors.

While, it’s essential for a website to look great and boldly represent your companies’ brand, you need to consider your ideal customer’s needs.

GDD offers the solution to this issue by incorporating the experience of target visitors and at the same time including the goals of your business. Allowing you to make changes to your website according to how visitors engage with your site.

Flexibility based on Company and Consumer Needs

GDD campaigns don’t just offer consistent and quick deliverables, but also provide room for flexibility when necessary.

By performing a monthly analysis of how visitors interact with the website, you can then make changes based off user behavior. Look for a company that offers SEO services Albuquerque to assist you with this setup.

Quick Launch

Designing and building a fully functional website can be a difficult process – especially when there are multiple decision-makers. Specific aspects of a website can be right initially for the website owner but be wrong for the end user.

GDD ensures quick launching of your site with must-haves that resonate with the end users.

The initial website will be a minimum viable product, essentially the quickest thing you can launch to meet basic customer needs.  

The data you receive from this initial design will provide you with a path to improve the design and add features to improve customer service.

Agile Framework

The iterative methodology of GDD is based on the scrum agile framework of software design which guarantees clear delivery and utilizes the value of simplicity to bolster user experience. Simply put, the design process will be broken up into a series of design sprints, each consisting of the same four phase process of plan, build, test and review.

Each sprint takes about three weeks.

With consistency and releasing features at regular intervals, there is the clear management of risks. Because of this, less time is needed to carry out tests of the design hypotheses and alterations of functionalities.

If your business is struggling to put together a functional web design in Albuquerque, then try out the growth driven design model to drastically reduce the time, budget and frustration associated with building a website.

If you already have a website, consider GDD as a way to go for long-term sustainability and growth. It’s a great way to grow your website’s user-rich features while at the same time increasing organic traffic and inbound leads.