5 Important Metrics that determine the Success of a PPC Campaign

Image by S M Qamar Abbas from Pixabay

08 / September 2021,

5 Important Metrics that determine the Success of a PPC Campaign

One of the most important advantages of PPC campaigns is their enormous amount of data. This is your key to a deeper understanding of your campaign, target audience, customer satisfaction, and success and failure rates in order to fine-tune your next strategy!

With so much data at your fingertips, and so many different Pay-Per-Click advertising trends to consider, which PPC metrics are the greatest to utilize and how do they aid in the optimization of your campaigns? Find out below:

Clicks & Impressions:

Clicks and impressions are among the most important metrics, especially if you’re looking to expand brand recognition. The paid ad click is the beginning of the sales process, and the number of clicks is strongly linked to how much money you spend.

You’re seeking for trends or changes in clicks that may signal possibilities or problems here. If clicks are increasing, you might want to increase your keyword bids, which can be done automatically with AI. If clicks are down, there’s a good chance that the ad text or keywords in your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign isn’t working.

Impression Share:

The impression share is the percentage of your ad’s total impressions that are delivered. For instance, there were 1,000 searches for your keyword and your ads were seen 500 times; you have a 50% impression share. This metric can help you decide whether to increase your budget, bids, or quality scores, when you are aiming for a better ad position.

Cost Per Click:

The Cost Per Click (CPC) is calculated based on the competitiveness of your selected keywords, so if they improve, longer-tail keywords should be utilized to attract more targeted visitors. To remain competitive, you may increase your maximum bids for the most important keywords.

CPCs can also assist you in making a budget. Consider your usual click cost, conversion rate, and monthly sales objective while setting up a budget.

Conversion rate:

The goal of most enterprises is to increase conversions, and trends are critical. Changes in conversion rates may be seasonal or the result of more localized changes in the market. Improving your customer contact can boost your conversion rate, but dips are also possible due to many reasons. A PPC expert can look into this and help you out.

Click-through Rate:

This metric in Google Ads Albuquerque helps you figure out what your target demographic wants (and what they don’t want) by telling you what works (and what doesn’t). A low CTR is an indication that you are targeting the wrong audience or failing to communicate in a way that will persuade them to click.

This will change significantly all through the week, which is why you should assess them by the keyword or ad level, A monthly review is also highly recommended.

So, these are some of the most important PPC metrics to keep an eye on. Data helps, so give it a chance and invest the time you need to understand it. Or hire a PPC agency in Albuquerque who can create and run successful ad campaigns for you, which will give great returns in the long run.