4 Ways to Improve User Engagement in 2021 with Animations

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

13 / February 2021,

4 Ways to Improve User Engagement in 2021 with Animations

Cool, colorful and eye appealing animations easily attract your audience’s attention and make your website more fun to navigate. Did you know animations can boost engagement and improve conversions? Yes, with the assistance of professional web design Albuquerque experts, using the right animations for your website attracts visitors and enhances their overall user experience. This further benefits your business in the long run. Here are some things you can try to improve user engagement with animations:

Use of Microinteractions:

Microinteractions are simple animations that are meant to provide visual cues and information when visitors interact with various elements of your website. It motivates users to get to the next step of the conversion journey. Microinteractions can be utilized to let users know if their actions – such as filling a contact form – is successful. Certain icons on the site can be animated to make visitors curious and boost engagement.

Loading Animations:

One of the ways to make visitors stay longer on your website is with the use of loading animations. A popular example for this is particle animations. Particular animations can either be interactive or non-interactive, and encourage visitors to be patient as your webpage loads. When users are less frustrated with the experience, they will keep coming back to your site.


One of the most commonly used animations of web design in Albuquerque is carousels. Carousels are very useful if you want to display key information on your website, such as an ongoing sale or live product deals. When there is a series of images displayed on your website, carousels will provide users the control on how quickly every image should transition. Even if the animation is automatic, users will have the ability to click on the buttons to move forwards and backwards between pictures.

Sliders are frequently used in website development these days, considering how simple and effective it is in displaying important information. This can be used for customer testimonials, or to show off your best selling products to potential customers.

Dynamic Backgrounds:

Another way to make your website visually appealing is with dynamic backgrounds. A fun and colorful website will encourage users to learn more about your service. Remember, using too much animation on your website can make it clumsy and slow, thus negating the purpose. Therefore, dynamic backgrounds must be used in a way that promotes user retention without impacting the webpage speed.

Webpage animations are useful in terms of boosting user engagement, but remember to use it in moderation. Don’t opt for over-the-top animations that can be too jarring for viewers. Contact a professional web design company if you wish to revamp your website with awesome animations that attract more viewers and leads to your business.