4 Ways Accelerated Mobile Pages benefit Your SEO

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28 / January 2022,

4 Ways Accelerated Mobile Pages benefit Your SEO

Over the past few years, we have noticed how mobile web usage has surpassed that of desktop. The ease of access that mobile devices offer has motivated so many users to access the web on their phones and tablets. This even led to Google creating what is known as the Accelerated Mobile Pages project. Simply put, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a concept that helps a website to be optimized for easy mobile browsing. Websites implementing AMP will load almost instantaneously. But, how does it benefit your SEO and Albuquerque digital marketing? Find out below:

Faster Loading:

The obvious benefit of accelerated mobile pages is faster loading of your web pages. Mobile users can expect AMP pages to load quicker, and these webpages will automatically adjust itself based on the screen size. The AMP framework is designed in such a way that all the components of a website load simultaneously without interfering with the performance. It won’t display anything that could possibly slow down a website. Your visitors would access your content in the blink of an eye.

Better Ranking:

AMP isn’t necessarily a ranking factor per se; however, it is definitely a tool that complements your Albuquerque SEO efforts. Mobile friendliness and page load speeds are significantly improved once you integrate AMP to your website. And when your webpage loads faster and users have a great experience interacting with your content, your site will definitely be rewarded with better rankings.

Reduced Bounce Rates:

Another major advantage of using AMP is that you get to minimize bounce rate of your site. According to a study conducted by Google, page load time of up to three seconds can increase the site’s bounce rate by 30%, and over 100% if the load time crosses the six second mark! This is why it is absolutely essential to optimize the page load speed for your mobile site. Mobile-friendly websites can definitely attract more visitors and possibly new customers. With AMP, pages load faster and users will spend more time on your site. Both of these factors will reduce your bounce rate and benefit your Albuquerque digital marketing efforts.

Improved Visibility:

In the search engine results page, you would see a green AMP logo displayed right next to a supported site. Web visitors are more likely to visit an AMP page, owing to the benefits it offers in terms of user experience. The presence of these symbols will only improve the clickthrough rate of your site, which further helps your business to stand out. Improved visibility also means more users will come to your website and access your content.

Besides all the above benefits, AMP also supports several ad networks. So, if you need to monetize your site with advertisements, that is possible too! What better than improving your site performance and revenue at the same time? Should you require assistance in this regard, talk to an Albuquerque SEO company today.