4 Top SEO Trends to Look For in 2020

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06 / December 2019,

4 Top SEO Trends to Look For in 2020

SEO continues to evolve day after day. While some things remain the same, such as adding important keywords within titles or content, there are several other aspects that would be constantly modified by major search engine giants such as Google. Here are 4 top trends of search engine optimization in Albuquerque to look for in 2020.

Zero Click Searches:

With the introduction of useful features such as featured snippets, knowledge graphs, ad more, several search activities have become zero click searches. This means that the user could get the answers for any queries they are looking for, right on the search engine results page. Consider the type of keywords that generate clicks. Also analyze the type of searches that people regularly do. For instance, they could be looking for your phone number or address.

Google Local Packs:

A majority of zero click searches display results within the SERPs itself, and is known as Local Packs. You can occupy most of such searches for specific keywords such as “phone number”, “address”, and “near me” by creating a Google my Business page. However, there are search activities that go beyond Local Packs. For instance, potential customers requiring to know more about your products will still visit your website, which is when traditional search engine optimization Albuquerque techniques come to play. Make sure that you have a robust backlink profile to rank better.

Optimize Rich and Featured Snippets:

As zero searches have become more popular than ever, the content that is displayed within a featured snippet is extremely relevant to users. Rich snippets will not just display title and description, but also includes images, price of products, customer reviews, etc. Featured snippets include important information that is displayed at the top section of SERPs, yielding improved click through rates.

For your content to be featured in these snippets, ensure that your data is structured. An SEO company can help with this. Remember that ranking in the first position does not guarantee that your content will be included in rich or featured snippets. Consider keywords that your competitors have used in their content displayed in a featured snippet.

Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness and brand building should be a priority for all kinds of businesses.  Even though paid advertising has been proven effective, it has become extremely competitive these days, with noticeable decrease in ROI. Besides paid ads, generating brand awareness is crucial. Linkless mentions are gaining ground when it comes to brand building, and Google and Bing have already confirmed it as a ranking signal.

All you need to do who is to generate link profiles and built relevant brand mentions. With social media listening, you will be able to monitor all kinds of mentions of your brand as well as the product or service you offer. This gives you an opportunity to serve your customers better and create a positive brand image at the same time.

The rules and algorithms of SEO is constantly modified, which is why internet marketers should pay close attention to the latest trends and techniques that put their web property on top. Get in touch with leading SEO services to succeed in your marketing efforts.