4 Tips to Refine Your Holiday SEO Strategy

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07 / January 2022,

4 Tips to Refine Your Holiday SEO Strategy

The holiday season is fast approaching and now is the best time for us to make the most of the opportunity to engage with our audiences. Right from November through January, different businesses will be pumping an enormous number of marketing and promotional content including exclusive deals, coupon codes, flash sales, and more offers to attract customers. So how can you stand out in the online space with SEO? Here are some tips from the digital marketing experts:

Start NOW!

If you are asking yourself when you can start your promotional cAMPaign for the holiday season, the answer is now! You have to start brainstorming ideas and develop a content strategy for your business, because things can be crazier when you are nearing the Christmas Day. According to research, publishing content just a week ahead of the holidays can improve your holiday web traffic by 50%. So, if you are starting almost a month ahead of the holidays, you will get even more traffic than anticipated.

Do Keyword Research:

You have to first assess the best performing web pages of your website. Analyze their current rankings as well as your site traffic. You may choose to make updates on them by including some holiday related terms into the content. With the help of Google Trends, you will be able to find some trending topics relevant to the holiday season. For instance, if you are selling electronics, you can find what products are in high demand and then create content that help customers make a purchase.

Link Building:

Link building is a pretty important technique in digital marketing and even more so during the holidays. You will have to work as hard as possible in order to gain quality links to your pages. If you have worked with partners and sites for cross promotion in the past, you can collaborate with them once again for this purpose. Also make sure that the content you have created is shareable on social media channels for driving more traffic. Make sure that the content evokes real emotions and is relatable to people.

Think Mobile:

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, there’s going to be a large number of people who would be doing holiday shopping on these mobile devices. This is why you should do Albuquerque SEO optimization for mobile search. Even if purchases or transactions are done on desktop, it is highly likely that searching and browsing will be on smartphones. So make sure that your site is mobile friendly, so that the content loads quickly and is responsive enough for users to easily browse your website.

Not to forget creating holiday-specific content for your business. An SEO company can help you create and implement the most effective strategy for the holidays. Get in touch with the experts for assistance.