4 Effective Techniques to Rank Higher in 2021

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22 / September 2021,

4 Effective Techniques to Rank Higher in 2021

SEO is an important component of every website owner’s or digital marketer’s job. This isn’t likely to change in the near future, but it doesn’t mean you can just stick with the tried-and-true methods. In fact, as people’s browsing habits change, you’ll need to keep your SEO strategies current. This is because the way people use search engines – such as Google – change constantly. Here are four techniques suggested by an Albuquerque digital marketing company to rank higher in 2021.

Make Use of Voice Search:

Voice recognition has already become a part of many people’s daily routines. Perhaps you use Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s Assistant as examples. As voice searching becomes more popular, you’ll need to think about how it will affect your SEO efforts.

The primary distinction between conventional SEO tactics and optimizing for voice search is the use of more “natural wording.” After all, traditional text searches often entail stiff or short phrases like “top blog cooking 2021.” However, if you used your voice to look for the same information, you’d probably say something like: “What is the best blogging site in cooking?” This is why you should use longer keywords or long-tail keywords in your content, so people will find you when they do a voice search.

Optimize the Page Speed:

The importance of site load times was emphasized in 2018 after Google announced it would begin taking page speed into account for mobile SEO. This was due to the growing popularity of mobile surfing. Keeping load times short has been a major priority for website owners since then. To improve page speed, some effective tricks recommended by an Albuquerque SEO company include using a caching solution and minimizing the size of media files.

Embrace the Power of AI:

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a decidedly sci-fi sound to it. But it’s no surprise that AI will have a big impact on how Albuquerque SEO evolves in the near future. We’re not talking about employing a robot to handle your SEO strategy, but that isn’t as far-fetched as you might believe.

Google already uses artificial intelligence in several areas, thanks to its RankBrain technology. This is a bot that employs machine learning to improve Google’s search results over time. It finds consistencies and context in millions of pages so that the search engine can deliver more relevant results for certain queries.

Optimize Your Mobile Site:

The Google mobile-first index means that the search engine now ranks sites based on their how well their mobile versions perform. So, even if your site works effectively on a desktop, but not so much on a smartphone, your SEO rankings will likely drop. Hire a professional web designer who knows how to make your site work consistently better across different devices.

Consider hiring a reputable Albuquerque digital marketing company that will adopt the right techniques to get your site rank higher on Google and Bing. It will be totally worth it.