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    1st In SEO Has New Ownership

    It has been a busy couple of months for 1st in SEO. In November founder Mathew Blanchfield took a very public stand against the new President and his supporters during primetime on Fox News. Within 24 hours the business was inundated with death threats and hate mail, Matt’s family was threatened, 1st In SEO’s website was overwhelmed with traffic, temporarily shut down and we were left with thousands of illegitimate negative reviews. Most of the threats were not serious but there were several legitimate threats from prominent white supremacist organizations that our contacts within the law enforcement community urged us to take seriously. For that reason the new owners have chosen to remain anonymous for the foreseeable future.

    Despite the influx of hate we also received an overwhelming amount of support and new business. Matt made it clear from the start that he did not take this stance for financial gain and shortly after decided that it would be best to step away, handing us ownership of the company, to devote his time to politics and his new organization liberalresistance.net.

    The new owners are both firefighters born and raised in Albuquerque, with experience in business management and leadership, when they’re not serving the public they’re committed to getting clients better search rankings and providing solutions to the unique problems that small businesses face. Matt designed the company to operate with optimal efficiency and this lean business model has allowed us to compete with much larger businesses in a rapidly changing industry.

    Albuquerque is a diverse city and at 1st In SEO we want to reflect this. We are a progressive, veteran owned business committed to equality, tolerance and environmental sustainability. We will work with anyone including Trump supporters provided they share our commitment to ethical business practices, reject racism, xenophobia, sexism, trans and homophobia.

    We hope this clears up any confusion.  Moving forward we’re excited about what the future holds and look forward to working with socially conscious businesses. New industries are popping up everyday and if you’re in renewable energy or medical cannabis we’d love to help your business succeed.

    The New Owners

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